Service is the Benchmark difference

For the past 22 years, Benchmark Projects Ltd. has been successfully developing sustainable organizations and effective operating models for complex sports and recreation facilities.

Benchmark is a dynamic organization capable of responding quickly and effectively to provide the following services:

  • Sport and recreation facility maintenance, repair and life cycle management
  • Business and operational planning, including the development of custom service delivery models for facilities in the public and not-for-profit sectors
  • Design consultation, risk assessment and project management in the development of new recreation and sport facilities
  • Communication planning including information technology strategies
  • Organizational planning and development using our proven process

We are currently under contract to manage 20 recreation and community facilities in Calgary, including arenas, aquatic facilities, indoor soccer, field house and artificial turf fields.

We specialize in creating transition strategies and operating models to match our client’s needs, effectively linking desired outcomes with the concepts of entrepreneurism and our client’s service mandate. We provide a comprehensive implementation plan regardless of the model our client requires.

Our planning process encourages the alignment of organizational and personal goals so there is a strong sense of both shared and personal ownership of the plan that is created. We help create strong effective teams by assisting staff to create their own leadership model. Our highly efficient process was developed over decades of hands-on experience in the planning and implementation of service delivery models to meet client needs.                

Benchmark Benefits

Comprehensive Cost Reduction: We can significantly reduce client costs related to project management, facilitation, consulting, marketing and communication because we have the skill sets within the Benchmark team. We can also offer savings through our policy and operating manual templates and proven facility booking systems.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: With our knowledge and experience, we can accurately recommend and/or implement strategies to eliminate or reduce damage to your organization.

Incremental Staffing: We provide administrative, supervisory and operational staff as required on a part-time basis. As usage requirements change, staffing levels are adjusted providing a significant saving to our client.

Hands-On Training: We deliver hands-on operational training, provided by certified instructors in our existing facilities.