Aquatic Facilities

Prairie Winds Park FacilityThe skills and experience of the Benchmark team ensure that the summer pool experience continues for Calgarians. Not only do we keep pools, wading pools and spray decks running safely and efficiently, our qualified pool staff make the experience memorable for families.

Benchmark has successfully operated swimming pools, wading pools and spray decks for 22 years. This allows us to provide specialized operation insight into the renovation of existing facilities or the development of new facilities.

Our years of experience and a deep understanding of the management of aquatic facilities makes us recognized experts. Benchmark manages, operates and/or maintains the following:

Outdoor Pools

  • Bowview Outdoor Pool
  • Forest Lawn Outdoor Pool
  • Highwood Outdoor Pool
  • Millican-Ogden Outdoor Pool
  • Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool
  • South Calgary Outdoor Pool
  • Stanley Park Outdoor Pool

Spray Parks and Wading Pools

  • Riley Park Wading Pool
  • Prairie Winds Spray Park & Wading Pool
  • Barclay Mall/Eau Claire Plaza Spray Deck & Wading Pool
  • Bowness Park
  • Rotary Park
  • Canmore Park
  • Variety Spray Park (South Glenmore Park)
  • Valleyview Park

In addition Benchmark principals have managed and operated numerous indoor aquatic facilities. Our experience ranges from small community pools (Alberta Children's Hospital) to large international caliber pools (Talisman Centre).