Project Coordination and Management

From an owner's perspective Benchmark provides a comprehensive and integrated approach that can take your project from concept through planning and feasibility analysis to opening day.

Our team of experienced consultants is able to work with your group from the initial idea through the entire process of developing new sport and recreation facilities or renovating existing facilities. We have demonstrated leadership in the planning, design and completion of facilities of all types.

With our insightful understanding of the needs of community centres, sport and recreation facilities, the communities and audiences they serve and the financial realities they face, our team will take you through all steps of a project, with services that include:

  • Design phase considerations: from an operator's perspective and experience
  • Facility needs and feasibility assessment: analyzing and testing the needs for proposed new, renovated or re-purposed facilities
  • Project costs and financial operating estimates: preparing estimates of costs, incremental operating expenses for new facilities and earned revenues; working with associates such as architects and engineers to provide preliminary capital cost estimates
  • Development of new facilities: Design consultation, risk mitigation, communication strategy and project management
  • Risk Avoidance: We have been were you wish to go
  • People strategy: Facility service delivery models, governance, management and staffing models for facilities and organizations