Synthetic Turf

All synthetic turf systems are not equal and no system is maintenance free. Working with you, we will custom design daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal programs to meet or exceed the maintenance requirements of installation and field warranties. These programs also maximize the life cycle potential of your specific turf type.

Routine Maintenance

Routine daily or weekly initiatives may include:

  • Debris Removal
  • Infill levelling
  • Turf grooming
  • Surface cleaning
  • Line Painting

Comprehensive Maintenance

Monthly or seasonal initiatives may include:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • De-compacting
  • Infill Shaving and Redistribution
  • Infill Top Dressing/Replacement
  • Infill Removal and Replacement

  • Snow Removal

Turf Removal/Recycling

At the end of synthetic turf’s useful life, it must be removed before it can be replaced. Our state of the art equipment ensures a number of options in this process. They include:

  • Crumb Sand Removal/ Reclaim/ Recycling
  • Turf Carpet Removal/Repurpose/Recycle
  • Seam Removal/repurpose/recycle